Peninsula Choir

From Bach to Broadway

"Another openin" another show...!"  All Spring activities in the homes of the choristers of the Peninsula Choir are rattling with the sounds of this and many other numbers from the Broadway hit Kiss Me Kate.

As always, our wonderful chorus master Stephen Adam (pictured here in full flight) has arranged the best numbers from this show in medley form to make a blockbusting second half to our concert on Saturday 29th April at Cove Burgh Hall.

Our soprano soloist for this outing will be Julia Daramy-Williams,  who will sing an aria from La Bohème by Puccini amongst other numbers.  It is always a privilege for the choir to have the opportunity to accompany a professional singer.  It raises our game, and we have the opportunity to feel what a professional chorus must feel.  It is a moving experience.  The snag for us is that we do not get to rehearse with the professional soloist until the dress rehearsal - on the day of the show.  This can have the effect of knocking us completely with the new and powerful element of a professional voice taking front stage and our part necessarily requiring to fit with her's.  This is one of the most rewarding elements of our participation in the Peninsula Choir.

The other rewarding element is of course our audience which so warmly greets us at every outing.  We are so very appreciative of their appreciation and loyalty.  They are our groupies - realising as they do - that we are just pretty ordinary peninsula dwellers, who, with the guidance of Stephen, manage to rise to something greater than the sum of our parts.

Our audience will also recognise our second soloist - Louise Burnet who has performed a couple of times before with the Choir.  Louise is a flautist (and sometime ukulele player and teacher) who lives in Shandon.

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